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Multimedia Communications

Multimedia Television/Radio I and Multimedia Communications II:
This is a technology-based program that develops knowledge and skills in the field of communications. Students will learn basic techniques of video production, graphic communications, interviewing techniques, and editing. Production, editing, and script writing for local community and school events will also be taught. Students will have an opportunity to become involved with local youth group activities and community service projects. Independent work within the communities of the Governor Wentworth Regional School District to publicize various activities, sports events, and government operations will be expected.The students will also have the opportunity to become involved in the Cooperative Education Program which is a work study program designed to give him/her the opportunity to obtain related jobs in the community that correspond with their Multimedia Communications instruction.
Multimedia Live Stage I:
This year long class focuses on all aspects of stage performance and technology. This is a hybrid course of study for students who are interested either in appearing on stage as an actor or musician or working as a crew member for any sort of live event such as a play or a concert. Students in this class will produce actual plays for the theater program, as well as live concerts and stage presentations. Students will learn a variety of stagecraft techniques and technologies including lighting, sound, set design uses for audio/visual equipment, and special effects. 
NOTE: This class is considered a Multimedia I class and can be followed up with Multimedia II.

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